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â–ºFree website checker

Get a quick overview of your website optimization


Use the free SEO checker from SmallSEOTools to check any website for technical errors and on-page SEO problems that could hinder your site's rise in the search engine rankings.

You'll receive a free SEO score with separate sub-scores for each category examined, covering meta information, page quality, page structure, link structure, server configuration and external factors.

With a prioritized SEO improvement task list, you'll immediately see where you need to make improvements to achieve fast and visible results.



â–ºMeta Information

Don’t let search engines do the guesswork

meta tags

To ensure that search engines understand the purpose of your website, it's important that you provide them with meta information that helps them categorize your content.

The SmallSEOTools SEO Checker can detect errors and SEO-related issues in your meta information, including:

  • Meta titles and descriptions that exceed or fall short of the optimal length for search results.
  • Meta tags that prevent search engines from indexing your website properly.
  • Lack of canonical links.
  • Inconsistencies in language declarations.
  • Problems with domain names or page URLs that can lead to problems.


â–ºPage quality

Unfold the full potential of your content

page quality

Creating first-class content is a key element of SEO success. To help search engines understand your content and position it for the relevant keywords, it's important to remove obstacles to page quality. These obstacles include, but are not limited to:

  • Too little text on a single page.
  • Repetitive content.
  • Outdated website components such as framesets.
  • Suboptimal optimization for mobile devices.
  • Images that lack alt attributes.
  • Ads that overlay your content.

Investigate these aspects and other potential issues thoroughly with the SEO Checker to fix any quality issues that could be affecting the performance of your content!



â–ºPage and link structure

Let search engines move through your website with ease

page strusture

Search engines prefer websites with a clear structure that enables efficient crawling.

The SEO Checker detects problems that prevent search engines from analyzing your website, such as

  • Inappropriately short or too long H1 headings.
  • Incorrect order of headings or the presence of empty heading tags.
  • Internal links with dynamic parameters.
  • Duplicate anchor texts in internal links.
  • Unfavorable quantities of internal or external links.


â–ºServer configuration

The technical setup of your website is essential

server configuration

A flawless and efficient technical configuration facilitates the seamless crawling of the website for search engines and plays a crucial role in achieving top search rankings.

  • Our SEO Checker examines your website for server errors and various technical problems, including
  • Misconfigured redirects between www and non-www subdomains.
  • Problems with your HTTP header.
  • Extended page response times.
  • Excessive CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Large HTML files.


â–ºExternal factors

Get the full picture of ranking factors

Effective search engine optimization goes beyond website optimization alone. To achieve lasting success in search engine optimization, it's important to monitor external factors that affect your search engine ranking.

With the SEO Checker, you can easily detect potential weaknesses on your website in various areas:

  • Blacklists: is your website on any blacklists that are affecting its visibility in search results?
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are a signal to search engines that other websites are recommending your website because of its valuable content. Does your website have a sufficient number of links from different sources?
  • Social media: Is your website actively shared on social media platforms?





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